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Italian Non-Food


You are looking for authentic Italian products for your pizzeria or restaurant ? In addition to our wide range of food products with Pelati canned tomatoes and flour Farina Pizza 00 , you will find in our shop useful kitchen machines & pizza boxes . In addition Dough for pizza in different dimensions and Tre Spade kitchen machines from Italy . Tre Spade has an excellent reputation for tomato presses with manual and electric drive , which are available in our webshop Amatulli . The kitchen equipment is complemented by pots, pans , baking sheets and pizza plates . Italy is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum products. Kitchen accessories made of aluminum has many advantage as it is very light and the lightweight material quickly reaches optimum operating temperature.

For the Pizzaiolo Lilly Codroipo offers pizza and pizza shovels accessories. Of course you are after a search of a pizza oven (electric, gas , or wood lighting) find it with fire bricks at us . Lilly Codroipo offers pizza blades for different claims in different sizes & lengths . The most popular models are the pizza shovel Italia 3D , Orchidea Mastropizza and O Sole million course quality made in Italy.

We will advise you individually and find the best solution for you. Amatulli - Everything Around the Pizzeria & 100% Italian. Opt for elegant Retauranteinrichtung from Italy. Wine coolers , tables & chairs in many variations are waiting for you .