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Our Amatulli shop offers you the best food Italy has to offer. Natural, untreated products of the highest quality form the basis of good food and drink in Italy. The natural origin of the ingredients is the secret of Italian cuisine, which is so popular with its tasty pizzas & pasta dishes - cooked with tomatoes and cereals (flour, durum wheat) grown on fields under the Italian sun.

Experience the variation of Italian taste in its most perfect form – Amatulli’s delicatessen. Thinly sliced Parma ham & fiery N’duja salami are names which envoke the height of Italian gourmet experience. You won’t be able to resist the smell of the delicious San Daniele ham with its slightly nutty flavour & tender pink flesh! Not to mention our cheese specialities or Italian chestnuts from the oak forests of Tuscany. Parmigiano Reggiano DOP from Emilia Romagna (aka Parmesan) is probably the most famous of cheeses in Italy, where it is a constant companion of pasta made from durum wheat semolina. For those gourmets who love something sweet there are crunchy sugared almonds from Venice, Marsala liqueur from the port of the same name in Sicily, and to round off a meal, the fruity Limoncello liqueur or Borsci San Marzano.

Southern Italy is proud of its traditional production processes. Not only in the cheese production of Provolone cheese and ricotta cheese from sheep's milk, but also in the countryside. During the olive harvest in Puglia, the historic stone mills grind day in, day out, pressing the fresh olives. The cold press method gives our olive oils a characteristic flavour, deriving from the careful handling of high-quality produce. Fresh Olio di Oliva, especially olive oil extra vergine, is certainly one of the greatest gifts that Italy has given the world. Freshly harvested vegetables, together with dried tomatoes, green or black olives, artichokes and seafood land on antipasti platters giving holidaymakers a Mediterranean taste experience to remember. Ariosto spice preparations impart the perfect flavor to every dish. They are processed exclusively from selected herbs that meet the highest quality standards. Fiery peperoncino is an indispensable spice in Italian cuisine.

As varied as the country is, so unique are Italian wines. The full-bodied Primitivo whose success story throughout the world began after becoming known as Zinfandel, is as popular as the classic wines Negroamaro and Montepulciano. In the vineyards of Italy with their numerous cantinas the Primitivo grapes are treated to plenty of sunlight. After the harvest, the young wine is aged in wooden barrels and the pomace is refined into grappa. The origin of the grapes is very important to us and finds expression in the strict designations of origin IGT and D.O.C. In the northern Italian Alps, the noble fruit brandies from the Distellerie San Roch are refined with local herbs.
We are proud to offer you only the best products imported directly from producers in Italy.