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Espresso & More


The Espresso is a specialty coffee with a special preparation method , which has its origin in Milan. When brewing espresso , hot water is pressed with a lot of pressure through a sieve filled with ground coffee or pod. This very popular in Italy pick-me has a very strong and intense coffee flavor. In the preparation produces a hazel foam layer , the crema is called .

As a rule, strongly roasted coffee beans are used, giving the espresso a strong roasted flavor . Served hot espresso in special pre-warmed cups , which have only about 40ml capacity . A flavorful Italian specialty coffee for the fine palate.

For the Italian espresso coffee is much more than just a drink , but an expression of a culture. The fragrant ending Borbon Coffee in the flavors blu , rosso and oro is a velvety brown crema on the coffee cup. Especially temperametvoll and vigorous shows the Battista Rosso & Bourbon coffee, aromatic flavor of its reserves in pads or capsules with chocolaty Röstnuance and flows as a brown gold at the top by an original Italian coffee .

Experience all around the coffee. Small espresso maker stainless steel coffee maker or high-quality espresso coffee machines & ESE machines. Coffee machines imported from the land of coffee from reputable Herstelllern as Astoria, Lavazza or spinel .