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Italian Body Care


In Italy, many traditional companies that manufacture personal care products and are often over 100 years old exist. All over the country come , necessary for the production of substances such as beeswax & essential oils found in nature .

With us you get Italian care from head to toe. Starting with Fusshgiene or the popular Marvis toothpaste from Florence for a radiant smile. Many celebrities rely on the cleansing effect of the classic mint toothpaste. This is available from us in 7 different Marvis flavors. The popular whitening pearl effect .

The Italian care products are exported all over the world and see an international comparison very well. Italian Body Care is popular all over the world and are often at the top.

Immerse yourself in our perfume fragrance world and experience the masculine fragrance for men with italian temperament of Tesori d ` Oriente or Proraso . Original Packaged goods directly imported by the manufacturer from Italy. Perfumes with an expressive character and long lasting fragrance . The scents of Pino Silvestre exude a charm like a blooming pinewood with essential fragrances .

Discover the diversity of the Italian care with numerous shampoos, bath lotions & shower gel. All of them are from renowned Italian manufacturers such as Borotalco , neutro Roberts and Cera di Cupra .